Dashi Bob Young Karate Instructor

Dashi Bob Young in Belmont - Eastern Dragon Karate

Dashi Bob Young

Bob Young is a 10th Degree Black Belt in the art of Aiki Kempo, a black belt in Tai Chi Chuan, and has been teaching the martial arts for over 25 years. Dashi Bob Young started his martial arts career at Fred Villari Studios under the watchful eye of Master Brian Hanson. It was at Fred VillariÆs that Grandmaster Young discovered his love for teaching. Dashi continued his training under Grandmaster VillariÆs top masters, Master Bob Nolety and Master Mark Grapposo. He taught a satellite school for Grandmaster Villari for a couple of years in the Lakes Region. In the early 90Æs, Dashi Bob Young set off on his own to develop one of the most respected martial arts schools in the industry. Dashi has trained with such notables as Ernie Reyes Sr., Kyoshi Steve LaVallee, Dave Kovar, Rafael ôGordinhoö Lima, Shihan Gene Dunn, Professor Brian Glick, and Daniel Gracie. Training with high ranking friends from other disciplines of the martial Arts, Dashi brings to the plate his vast knowledge of all aspects of the martial arts. Dashi Bob Young holds many prestigious martial arts awards. Awarded Soke of his own Aiki Kempo system by the World Soke Council of Japan and promoted to 10th Degree black belt, Grandmaster Young also holds a PhD in Asian Martial Arts Philosophy. In 2004 he was inducted into the USA and World Martial Arts Hall of Fame. But if you ask Mr. Young about these he will tell you that his greatest pride is in his students accomplishments. Some of which have been ranked #1 in NH by KRANE and ranked 8th in the world by Sport Karate International. You will find Grandmaster Young in his dojo teaching classes to all ranks. Knowing each and every students needs is something he prides himself on and takes very seriously.

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